Previous registration as a pharmacy technician with the RPSGB or GPhC

If it has been 12 months or more since you were last registered with us as a pharmacy technician, and you want to return to practise as a pharmacy technician, you must:

Make sure you have read the guidance on completing a return to registration application and providing evidence of current competence.

Important: do not practise as a pharmacy technician until you have received your GPhC registration number and your name appears on the online register. Practising as a pharmacy technician while not on the register is breaking the law and you can be prosecuted.

Rejoining the register

Please allow up to 28 days for us to process your application, once we have received it. 

We will email you at the address you have provided on your application to let you the outcome, or if we need any more information from you.

If your application is approved, please allow 24 hours from receiving the email confirmation for your name to appear on the GPhC online register. We will also confirm this by post in a ‘notice of entry’ letter.

Rejoining after removal by the Fitness to Practice Committee 

If you were removed from the register by the Fitness to Practise Committee, you will not be able to apply to return to the register until five years after your removal date. 

If you want to apply to return to the register at this point, make sure you read the guidance on returining to the register and then complete an application for restoration to the register following removal due to fitness to practise.

Rejoining the register within 12 months of registration

If you are making an application within 12 months of your last entry, you should complete an application for restoration