COVID-19 vaccination programme: key information

17 December 2020

Take a look at our online guide about the COVID-19 vaccination programme

We recognise that pharmacy professionals and pharmacies on our register may have an important role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme and want to support the programme wherever possible.

Our online guide summarises the key points to note if you want to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme as an individual pharmacy professional or as a pharmacy owner, and signposts to key resources, including the latest from NHS England on COVID-19 vaccination programmes, key vaccination information from other organisations, and the Scottish Government’s circular: Community Pharmacy - COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Key questions from the guide

  1. I want to help deliver COVID-19 vaccinations as an individual pharmacy professional

  2. My pharmacy wants to support the local Primary Care Network to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations

  3. My pharmacy wants to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations ‘at’ or ‘from’ a registered pharmacy

  4. I want to set up a temporary pharmacy in a larger setting in order to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations

  5. I’m looking for key links and resources about the COVID-19 vaccination programmes 

This is a rapidly developing area and we will continue to update the guide regularly and add further information for Scotland and Wales when it’s available.

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