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Have your say on our new publication and disclosure policy

19 July 2018

We would like to hear your views on our updated publication and disclosure policy, which will help us make sure we are complying with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The publication and disclosure policy sets out how we manage our information in a consistent, transparent and fair way, and covers:

  • information we publish on our website and online register
  • information we disclose to third parties
  • how we deal with individual requests for information

We’d particularly like to hear from those who have been involved in our fitness to practise processes, patients and the public, and organisations involved in GDPR.

There are two key changes in the policy that we’d like to hear your feedback about:

  • the factors we need to consider when making decisions to publish or disclose information that is in the public interest, which are now set out in the updated policy
  • changing the length of time for which sanctions appear on a pharmacy professional’s entry on the online register, including lowering the period for a removal from indefinite to ten years and introducing a specific length of time for which a pharmacy professional’s restoration appears on the online register

We are planning to produce further annexes that explain in more detail what we publish and disclose about registered pharmacies, and education and training providers. We will consult on these annexes at a later date, once the feedback from the ongoing consultation on developing the approach to regulating registered pharmacy professionals has been considered.

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