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Join the 30,000 pharmacy professionals who have already taken their first steps to revalidation

17 May 2018

Over 30,000 of you have already taken your first steps to revalidation by creating an account on the new myGPhC system 

If you haven’t yet, you’ll need to:

If you have not received your letter, then you will need to call us, check your contact details, and we will send you another letter. We can’t give your activation code to you over the phone because we need to verify your address as part of the account sign up.

See your personalised timeline to make sure you know what you have to do and when.

Have your colleagues signed up? If you’ve already created your account, and had a look at our resources, please help and encourage your colleagues to get on board too!

Join us for a revalidation webinar

If you have any questions about revalidation,  sign up to our webinar and join us on Wednesday 6 June 2018 at 19:00.

Peer discussion resources

We’ve now produced additional guides for the peer discussion. There are separate guides for you, for your employer, and for the person acting as your peer.

You should look at these now, but you will not need to start arranging your peer discussion until your second year of revalidation. See your personalised timeline to make sure you know what you have to do and when.

We will also be preparing some examples of good CPD and reflective account  records to help you carry out and record CPD effectively – look out for those in future editions of Regulate.

Managing your CPD and revalidation portfolio

We will not keep you the information you input into myGPhC for longer than we need it, which will usually be around two years. So if you want to keep a complete record of your ongoing learning, you will need to do this elsewhere, for example by:

  • keeping your own hard copy or electronic record
  • storing it in an electronic portfolio – your professional body, your employer, your national training organisation or your indemnity provider may provide these

See the myGPhC privacy policy for more information on how long we will keep your records

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