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New guidance on working in pharmacy when not on the register

16 August 2017

We have published Working in pharmacy when not on the register, to provide information for former registrants and pharmacy employers considering employing - or continuing to employ - staff who were formerly on the GPhC register.

A person who is not on the GPhC register must not practise as, or represent themselves as, a pharmacist or pharmacy technician as this can put themselves and people receiving care at risk. A person doing so commits an offence which could result in further regulatory proceedings or a criminal prosecution.

The guidance includes a list of the roles and activities that are explicitly restricted to pharmacists in legislation.

However, while a person who is not on the register cannot carry out certain activities, there is no legal bar to them working as an unregistered member of the pharmacy team. That does not necessarily mean that it is a good idea, however, depending amongst other things on the person’s reasons for leaving the GPhC register.

The guidance makes clear that former registrants should be open and honest with employers about their registration status, and that employers should have candid discussions with them before employing or continuing to employ them. Employers are responsible for regularly checking the registration status and qualifications of the pharmacy professionals they employ or want to employ.

Read the guidance on our website

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