Next steps on setting fees

28 October 2021

Our governing council agreed that we should introduce a multi-year fees cycle and keep a flat-fee structure, rather than introduce differential fees, for registered pharmacy professionals at their September meeting.

We received over 2400 responses to the consultation we ran between March and June 2021, asking for feedback on our proposals for setting fees in the future. You can read a summary of what we heard in the consultation report [PDF 145KB].

The agreed proposals to introduce a multi-year fees cycle and keep a flat-fee structure form part of our long-term financial strategy to deliver a financially stable organisation that can effectively fund the cost of regulation, and will allow for better forward financial planning both for us and for the people we regulate.

Next steps

We are also looking at ways to reduce our costs; become more efficient; use our resources more effectively, and make sure that people and organisations we regulate are paying an appropriate amount in fees. And we are considering whether we can generate other income from our regulatory work, such as charging ‘at cost’ for the accreditation and reaccreditation of all courses.

We expect to take forward the next stages of the fee strategy in 2022.

We are also due to begin a review of how we carry out accreditation. The findings from the 2021 fees consultation, particularly our proposal for charging for the accreditation and reaccreditation of all training courses, at cost, will inform this review.

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