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Reviewing revalidation submissions- what to expect

30 May 2019

We will start reviewing revalidation submissions monthly from June 2019 - find out all you need to know about how we select records for review and what to expect if yours is selected...

We will make a selection of submissions to review each month, so your records could be selected for review during the month you submit them, or during any following months, until you make a new submission.

It’s important that you think about carrying out and recording revalidation as part of your everyday job, rather than waiting to see if your records are selected for review. You can complete revalidation activities at any time during your registration year.

How do you choose records to be reviewed?

The process for selecting submissions for review is partly random and partly targeted.

Each month we will select a sample of registrants to have their records reviewed, from all records submitted on time, and also review more submissions from groups of registrants who have:

  • submitted records late without a good reason
  • previously been asked to carry out remedial measures following a submission review
  • have a history of poor compliance with our standards 

If your submission is selected

If your submission is selected for review, we will notify you through myGPhC. The review will be carried out jointly by a pharmacy professional and a lay reviewer who will receive anonymised copies of your records.

The two reviewers will work together using the review criteria set out in the revalidation framework to make a joint review of all the records in your submission and produce a feedback report. The professional and lay reviewers are both trained to carry out reviews and offer developmental feedback.

You will receive feedback on your submission through your myGPhC account. It may take up to six weeks from the date you were notified that your submission is being reviewed to receive it. 

If your records are selected for review, and you meet the review criteria, we will not review your submitted records again for the next two years.

What if my revalidation records don’t meet the core criteria?

If your revalidation records don’t meet the core criteria, you will be given another opportunity to submit your records, using the feedback given to improve them. 

Your new submission will be reviewed, and you will receive a second set of feedback within 28 days.

The submission you make at your next renewal will also be reviewed.

What if my records are not selected for review?

We will also gather information on overall themes or issues from all the revalidation records the reviewers look at and will share these with you on our website or through Regulate, where we think these would help to improve revalidation activity for everyone.

Have any more questions about revalidation? Take a look at our updated our FAQ page

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