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Supplying medicines effectively

15 November 2018

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are often the last health professionals that patients will see before they take their medicines. 

As such, the conversations that patients and the public have with pharmacy professionals during these interactions help patients make informed decisions so they can manage their treatment and care in the best way for them.

In order to safely and effectively undertake the role, it is fundamental that professionals keep up to date with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours required of them. This also means ensuring that the right procedures are in place and are followed. 

In this issue we look at the safe and effective supply of medicines in practice. In our ‘focus on’ article we have outlined a case study around the drug sodium valproate. As you know the consequences of dispensing this drug without following the set procedures could be serious, so please do take a look and re-familiarise yourself with the requirements when dispensing.

We know many of you are currently playing a critical role in making sure people are receiving the flu vaccine. In this issue, we are also encouraging all of you to protect yourself, your patients, your colleagues and family by making sure you also get the flu vaccine. By protecting yourself, you reduce the risk of spreading flu to patients and your family and of disruption to your services.