Customer service feedback and complaints

We’re committed to providing a high quality, transparent and accessible service to everyone. If something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. 

We aim to resolve complaints quickly, fairly and confidentially. We treat all feedback seriously and learn from it so we can continuously improve our service.

Equally, if you’ve experienced good service from us or feel someone deserves praise, we would like to hear about it. It helps us to understand what we’re doing well and how we can expand the services we provide.

Making a complaint

Please complete the form below if your complaint or feedback is about: 

  • the standards of service you have received from us
  • the way in which a fitness to practise case or registration application was handled 
  • the behaviour of our staff or others working for us
  • an action, or lack of, by our staff or others working for us

Other concerns

If you have concerns about a pharmacist, pharmacy technician or pharmacy, please visit our reporting concerns page.

Please read the feedback guide for more information on what we can and cannot deal with through our corporate complaints procedure.

Providing feedback or complaints form 

Please fill in this online form to provide feedback or make a complaint. Include your name, email and as much detail about your complaint or feedback as possible.

We’ll use this information to investigate the issue and respond to you.

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Please provide your name

If your feedback or complaint is about a staff member and you know their name please tell us.

Please let us know how we could help the situation

Last updated 24/04/2024

Customer feedback procedure

When investigating your feedback, we’ll:

  • write to acknowledge your feedback within three working days, asking for clarification if needed
  • acknowledge any other information you provide within three working days and start to investigate your feedback
  • speak to the member(s) of staff involved and ask them for their comments on the matters you have raised
  • consider their reply and the information you have provided

If there’s anything we’re unclear about, we’ll ask you to provide us with further details by writing or calling you. If we call, we’ll check you’re happy to talk in this way.

After investigating your feedback we’ll send you a written explanation of what’s happened, details of how the situation has been or will be addressed, and the likely timescale for this where appropriate. This full response will usually be sent within 15 working days of receiving your full feedback. If we have to change any of our timescales, we’ll let you know and will explain why.

If you’re not happy with our response

If you’re not satisfied with our response to your feedback, you should write or email us again to let us know. We’ll acknowledge your correspondence within three working days of receiving it.

The relevant director will review the situation and then write to you giving you our final position on your feedback and our reasons. This will usually be sent to you within 20 working days.

If we need to change any of the timescales, we’ll let you know and explain why.

Taking the matter further

There are no further mechanisms in operation within the organisation for taking the matter further. You should seek independent legal advice.

You can also contact the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), which oversees our work. You can contact the PSA on or 020 7389 8030.