Standards and guidance for pharmacy professionals

We set the standards for pharmacy professionals across Great Britain. These standards apply to you as a professional, whether you’re responsible for a team or service, or you are part of the pharmacy team. 

Pharmacy professionals and the services you provide play a vital role in keeping people healthy and well. The attitudes and behaviours you show in your day-to-day work can make a positive difference to the quality and safety of care. 

As a pharmacy professional, there are nine standards that you’re responsible for meeting, and they apply whatever setting you work in. Each year you’ll need to complete a declaration that you meet all of our standards. 

They reflect what you’ve told us is important and are a statement of what people can expect from pharmacy professionals. The Pharmacy Order 2010 is legislation that requires us to set the standards and make sure they’re relevant and up to date. 

Everyone in the pharmacy team should also be familiar with the standards for registered pharmacies,  which set the principles for maintaining the right environment for pharmacy care. Although pharmacy owners have the overall responsibility for meeting the standards for pharmacies, it’s important you know and understand them as you’re delivering care in the pharmacy premises.