Registering as a pharmacist

To practise as a pharmacist in Great Britain, you need to register with us and meet our requirements for education, training and experience.

As a pharmacist, you’re responsible for providing safe and effective care to the public. Our job is to protect people and give them assurance they’ll receive a high standard of care when using a pharmacy.

If you want to practise as a pharmacist in England, Scotland and Wales, you must be registered with us. It’s a legal requirement.

You must also complete a certain level of education, training and experience to register as a pharmacist. When you renew your registration with us each year, you need to complete a declaration statement that you meet all of our standards for pharmacy professionals.

To practise as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you need to have professional indemnity insurance in place that covers you for any risks associated with your area of work. Find out more about the appropriate indemnity cover you need to register with us.

Which route do I use to register?

The registration process and the information you need to provide depends on the country where you gained your qualifications.

Pharmacists with Swiss nationality

The UK and Switzerland are party to the Citizens’ Rights Agreement, which allows Swiss nationals to apply for registration with us, and for the applicant and any dependents or spouses, with acquired rights in Switzerland, to live in the UK. 

The Citizens' Right Agreement ends on 31 December 2024. 

If you are a Swiss national and want to apply to join the GPhC pharmacists' register, please email