Reporting concerns about education and training

We value feedback to help us to learn, develop and improve the courses and qualifications we accredit. If you have any concerns about the quality of training or concerns about an individual student or trainee, we want to hear from you.

Anyone can raise a concern about the quality of pharmacy education and training. We can only look into concerns that cover the education and training we set the requirements for or where we have quality assurance responsibilities.

Submitting a concern about pharmacy education or training

If you have any concerns about pharmacy education or training, you should complete the form on the right to submit your concern.

You can either print the form off and complete it by hand or fill it in on your computer. If filling it in on your computer, you’ll need to print and sign it so we can investigate your concern.

To submit your completed form, you’ll need to scan the document and any supporting information and email it to us.

If you have a concern about a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, where there may be a risk to patient safety or that could affect the public’s confidence in pharmacy, please see the 'Reporting concerns section of our website'.

What to consider before submitting a concern about education and training

Quality assurance of courses

By law, we have to quality assure courses that lead to registration as either a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. This includes courses that lead to pharmacists being annotated on our register as pharmacist prescribers. We also assure courses for pharmacy support staff, although we don’t register them.

Courses for pharmacists that we quality assure

  • Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degrees
  • Overseas Pharmacists’ Assessment Programmes (OSPAPs)
  • Pharmacist prescribing programmes

See our pharmacist education and our pharmacist independent prescriber pages for more information.

Pharmacist foundation training year

We set several requirements for pharmacist foundation training that must be met throughout the training year. At the beginning we approve trainee pharmacists, designated supervisors, training premises and training plans in England and Wales. In Scotland this is done by NHS Education for Scotland.

We don’t manage training in the pharmacist foundation scheme. Find out more about our role in the foundation training manual.

We don’t usually investigate concerns about employment or contractual issues such as hours of work or employment contracts. You should raise these directly with the employer unless there are concerns about patient safety or the fitness to practise of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

If you have concerns about the fitness to practise of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you can read more in our reporting concerns pages.

We don’t usually consider concerns about the content of the four training progress reports written by designated supervisors about their trainees during the foundation training year.

For more information about managing problems and raising concerns during the foundation training, please see Section 4.8 in the foundation training manual.

Courses for pharmacy technicians that we quality assure

You can find a full list of accredited courses that we recognise for pharmacy technicians.

Courses for pharmacy support staff that we quality assure

Please visit our education and training page for more information on the courses we accredit.

Resources and FAQs

We’ve compiled some useful resources and frequently asked questions to help guide you through reporting any concerns you may have about our approved education and training.

We may investigate concerns about the quality of a pharmacy course or a training placement, especially if the way the education and training is delivered might present risks to patient safety.