Consultation on our fee review (developing the fees strategy)

We consulted on proposals to help us develop our fees strategy/our overall approach to fee setting, which is part of our long-term financial strategy to deliver a financially stable organisation that can effectively fund the cost of regulation.

The proposed strategy also includes the following key aspects:

  • a proposal to retain a flat fee structure, rather than introduce differential fees, for registered pharmacy professionals. This would mean that all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians would continue to pay the same fee as others in their respective registrant group.
  • a proposal to introduce a multi-year fees cycle rather than the current annual cycle, to allow for better forward financial planning for individual registrants and the GPhC.
  • Whether we should explore charging to recover costs for the accreditation/recognition and re-accreditation/re-recognition, of all, rather than some, education and training courses and qualifications.

In this consultation we are not proposing changes to the amount paid in fees by any of our registrants.

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