Discussion paper on the draft hearings and outcomes guidance

We are seeking views on strengthening our hearings and outcomes draft guidance for fitness to practise panels.

The 9-week discussion seeks views on updated guidance for fitness to practise panels to help them make decisions on outcomes, including when dealing with concerns about discriminatory behaviour. 

About our proposals

We are proposing to strengthen our decision-making guidance for fitness to practise panels in two important areas:

  • supporting decision-making in hearings where discrimination is a component
  • taking account of cultural factors when panels are deciding on an outcome

The proposed update to the guidance makes clear what we mean by discrimination, bullying and harassment, and how seriously concerns of this nature will be taken.

The revised guidance will also make sure that panel members consider cultural sensitivities and differences when taking account of expressions of apology and insight. For example someone communicating in a second language may be constructing their sentences in a different way, or there may be differences in the way individuals use non-verbal cues such as eye contact or facial expressions. 

Have your say 

The survey is open until 31 January 2023.

We are seeking your views on our proposed additions to the guidance and on the impact of our proposals on patients, the public, pharmacy owners, pharmacy professionals and employers, as well as individuals or groups who share any of the protected characteristics.

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