Gender services for children and young people: new resource for pharmacy professionals

Please note that since this resource was published, new emergency legislation has been introduced that restricts the sale and supply of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analogues in Great Britain. Read our news item for further information.

We have produced a new resource to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians if they are providing pharmacy services to children and young people relating to gender incongruence.  

In our earlier article, we set out advice to pharmacy professionals when providing any services relating to gender incongruence or dysphoria in children and young people, covering the full range of issues to consider. Building on this, we’ve now taken each of those earlier issues and set out the associated questions that pharmacy professionals should ask themselves when making decisions about the supply of medicines in this context. These apply to the provision of services in person or online.

The new resource emphasises that pharmacy teams providing pharmacy services to children and young people with gender incongruence or dysphoria need to adhere to the standard process of clinical assessment and care provision they have been trained to take as healthcare professionals.

The resource also emphasises that the starting point is that pharmacy professionals must provide compassionate, inclusive and person-centred care, within the current relevant legal and regulatory context. It’s essential that all patients have access to appropriate, high-quality and respectful healthcare, free from discrimination or bias.

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