GPhC issues advice about risks relating to online services

The General Pharmaceutical Council has written to pharmacists and owners of pharmacies with the GPhC’s voluntary internet pharmacy logo, amid ongoing patient safety concerns affecting the online sector.

Emails have been sent today to pharmacists and owners of pharmacies with the internet pharmacy logo across Great Britain, to make them aware of serious patient safety concerns we are continuing to identify relating to some online pharmacies and online prescribing services, and the action we’re taking in response.

More than 30% of open Fitness to Practise cases at the GPhC relate to online pharmacy - a disproportionate amount compared to other pharmacy service providers. The pharmacy regulator recognises there can be significant benefits for patients in using online services, whilst highlighting particular risks that must be managed.

You can see the emails here in full:

Email to owners of pharmacies with the internet pharmacy logo 

Email to pharmacists   

Guide for patients and the public

We have worked with other health organisations to develop a guide to help people keep safe when going online for medicines or treatment. The guide includes six top tips to help people make sure any medicine or treatment they get is safe and right for them.

Read the guide to keeping safe when getting medicines or treatments online

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