Professional Standards Authority publishes GPhC performance review for 2021/22

The PSA has found that the GPhC met 15 out of 18 of its Standards of Good Regulation during 2021/22.

The GPhC’s performance and that of other regulators is reviewed by the PSA regularly. The review aims to check how well regulators have been protecting the public and promoting confidence in the health and care professions. 

The PSA report covers the period from 1 March 2021 to 30 June 2022. 

The latest monitoring report highlights the GPhC’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our work as a regulator and an employer with the launch of a new EDI strategy. It also recognises that work is continuing on education reforms, and that there has been positive feedback about the way we are engaging with stakeholders in this area.

All the standards were met across four PSA categories: 

  • General standards (which includes equality, diversity and inclusion, the way we provide information and apply policies, respond to public inquires and other independent reports, and work with stakeholders to protect patients and the public)
  • Guidance and Standards
  • Education and Training
  • Registration

However, three out of five standards within the Fitness to Practise category have not yet been met. 

The PSA report recognises the direction of travel for managing fitness to practise concerns remains positive and acknowledges the time it takes to embed changes.

Chief Executive of the GPhC, Duncan Rudkin, said:

“We are encouraged that the PSA’s performance report recognises the positive direction we are going in as far as fitness to practise is concerned, and acknowledges that embedding change does take time. We are very focused on implementing our fitness to practise improvement work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have already made significant improvements as part of delivering our managing concerns strategy, with more improvements being implemented over the coming year.”

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