Statement on delays to the registration assessment in London Highbury

Jonathan Bennetts, Chief Operating Officer at the GPhC, said:

“Around 2,700 candidates sat the registration assessment today in 87 centres.

“Candidates sitting the registration assessment at the London Highbury test centre were unable to start Part 2 at 2.15pm, due to a major power cut affecting a large area of Highbury. Around seventy candidates were kept updated and provided with refreshments, and we sent additional GPhC representatives to the centre to support the candidates. Candidates were able to start Part 2 around three hours later than planned once the power came back on and essential checks were made.  

“We fully understand the impact that the power cut may have had on these candidates and the stress this will have caused. We are contacting them all via email this evening to say how sorry we are that this has happened, and to explain their options, encouraging them to contact us if they want to discuss these options further.

“There were no other significant reported issues at the other centres used for today’s sitting.”

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