Supporting good governance

Good governance is at the heart of what we do. Our transparent, accountable and inclusive way of working helps us achieve our objectives and drive improvements.   

Below you’ll find some key documents which set out our approach to governance.

Appointments and reappointments

Read our approach to managing Council member and Chair appointments and reappointments.

Conflicts of interest

Find out more about how we identify, manage and record conflicts of interest.

Dealing with unacceptable behaviour

On rare occassions, we may need to limit or control the contact we have with someone in the interests of our staff, other people who use our services and/or the individual themselves.

Find out how we manage unacceptable behaviour.

Fraud and anti-bribery policy

We are commitment to carrying out our regulatory duties in an honest and ethical way. Read our fraud and anti-bribery policy.

Gifts and hospitality

Our guidance for Council, partners and staff on what to do if they’re offered gifts or hospitality at work.

Giving feedback or making a complaint about our service

This guide explains how you can provide feedback or make a complaint.

Governance statement

Read about our key governance principles and our approach to openness.

Managing complaints about Council members

Our policy on how we manage and investigate complaints about Council members.

Scheme of delegation

This policy sets out who has the authority to make decisions within the organisation.

Values, conduct and behaviours

Read about the values, conduct and behaviours which our Council and partners should demonstrate.