Delivering equality, improving diversity and fostering inclusion

The strategy sets out a framework for how the GPhC will embed considerations of equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its work as a regulator and as an employer.

The strategy will also help the GPhC deliver on its commitments in its 2030 Vision “Safe and effective pharmacy care at the heart of healthier communities” and its Strategic Plan. It describes how we meet our obligations under the Equality Act and supports us to achieve more than compliance with strict legal requirements in this area. 

The strategy sets out three key themes to help transform the pharmacy regulator’s approach to equality, diversity and inclusion:

1.    To make regulatory decisions that are demonstrably fair, lawful, and free from discrimination and bias.

2.    To use our standards to proactively help tackle discrimination and to make sure everyone can access person-centred care, fostering equality of health outcomes.

3.    To lead by example and demonstrate best practice within our organisation, holding ourselves to the same high standards we expect of others.

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