Pharmacy Order 2010 and Rules

The Pharmacy Order 2010 gives the Council powers to make orders and rules in relevant areas, subject to approval by the Privy Council. These cover more detailed aspects of our functions.

There have been some changes to our legislation since it was first made, therefore legislation included here is ‘consolidated’ – where the original Order or Rule has been amended by a subsequent Statutory Instrument, the text has been changed accordingly. The consolidated versions are not official text; users should consult an official version of the legislation for the purpose of interpreting and applying the law.

Follow this link to download the most up-to-date version of the Pharmacy Order 2010

Updated Pharmacy Order 2010 latest version (as of 25 May 2018). 
The document available via the link above is reproduced with the kind permission of Thomson Reuters and Westlaw.

Rules and Statutory Instruments

Pharmacy Order 2010 (Approved European Pharmacy Qualifications) Order

General Pharmaceutical Council (Constitution) Order 2010

General Pharmaceutical Council (Registration Rules) Order of Council 2010 (unofficial consolidation November 2016)

The General Pharmaceutical Council (Statutory Committees and their Advisers Rules) Order of Council 2010 (unofficial consolidation - November 2016)

General Pharmaceutical Council (Appeals Committee Rules) Order of Council 2010

General Pharmaceutical Council (Fitness to Practise and Disqualification etc. Rules) Order of Council 2010 (unofficial consolidation – November 2016)

General Pharmaceutical Council (Continuing Professional Development and Consequential Amendments Rules) Order of Council 2011

General Pharmaceutical Council (Registration and Renewal Fees)(Amendment) Rules 2019 - Please note this is the official piece of legislation that sets out the registration and renewal fees.

(Unofficial consolidation) Registration and Renewal Fees Rules 2015 amended by 2019 Rules

Guidance on evidence of English language skills 

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Criminal offences established by the Pharmacy Order

If you suspect that an individual or corporate body may have committed a criminal offence by contravening one of the sections of the Pharmacy Order, find out how to raise a concern.