Appeals committee


The appeals committee was established under the Pharmacy Order 2010 and can consider appeals of certain types of registration decisions as listed in article 39 of the Order. It cannot consider appeals of decisions which are not listed. 

The composition of the committee is set out in the General Pharmaceutical Council Statutory Committees and their Advisers Rules. The committee's proceedings are governed by the General Pharmaceutical Council Appeals Committee Rules.

Membership of the appeals committee

  • The members of the appeals committee are listed below. All appeals are heard by a panel drawn from among these members.
  • All committee members are expected to abide by a code of conduct.



Register of interests

Philip Geering Chair Philip Geering Register of interests [PDF 142.32 KB]

Louise Price

Deputy Chair Louise Price Register of interests [PDF 186.43 KB]

Sarah Hamilton

Deputy Chair Sarah Hamilton Register of interests [PDF 147.51 KB]

Dr Stephen Greep

Lay Member

Stephen Greep Register of interests [PDF 140 KB]

David Abbott

Reserve Lay Member David Abbott Register of interests [PDF 549.43 KB]

John Walsh

Reserve Lay member John Walsh Register of interests [PDF 204.36 KB]
Lesley White

Reserve Lay member

Lesley White Register of interests [PDF 187.71 KB]
Michaela Jones

Reserve Lay member

Michaela Jones Register of interests [PDF 143.29 KB
Cathryn Brown Reserve Pharmacist member  Cathryn Brown Register of interests [PDF 1 MB]
Rosalind Gittins Reserve Pharmacist member  Rosalind Gittins Register of Interests [PDF 155.11 KB]
Matthew Haggerty Reserve Pharmacist member  Matthew Haggerty Register of interests [PDF 148.86 KB]
Himal Makwana Reserve Pharmacist member  Himal Makwana Register of Interests [PDF 187.16 KB]
Kinna Patel Reserve Pharmacist member  Kinna Patel Register of interests [PDF 185.63 KB]