General Pharmaceutical Council

Annual report

Annual fitness to practise report
Annual accounts 2019-20

About us

Who we are

We regulate pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies in Great Britain.

We work to assure and improve standards of care for people using pharmacy services.

What we do

Our role is to protect the public and give them assurance that they will receive safe and effective care when using pharmacy services.

We set standards for pharmacy professionals and pharmacies to enter and remain on our register.

We ask pharmacy professionals and pharmacies for evidence that they are continuing to meet our standards, and this includes inspecting pharmacies.

We act to protect the public and to uphold public confidence in pharmacy if there are concerns about a pharmacy professional or pharmacy on our register.

Through our work we help to promote professionalism, support continuous improvement and assure the quality and safety of pharmacy.

Changes to…

Our Council

This year, three of our council members finished their second term on 31 March 2020. We would like to thank Alan Kershaw, Digby Emson OBE (who also stepped down as chair of the Audit and Risk Committee) and Evelyn McPhail for their contribution.

We carried out a recruitment process during Autumn 2019 and three new council members have been appointed by the Privy Council. The new members, Rose Marie Parr, Selina Ullah and Yousaf Ahmad, started their term on 1 April 2020.  

You can find out more about our Council members in the 'About us' section of our website.

Our staff

In April 2019, Jonathan Bennetts joined as Director of Finance.