General Pharmaceutical Council

Annual report

Annual fitness to practise report
Annual accounts 2019-20

Our reporting requirements

Under the Pharmacy Order 2010 there are certain items we have to report as part of demonstrating our accountability to parliament.

We have to publish annual reports and accounts, and provide them to the Privy Council Office for laying in the UK and Scottish Parliaments.

We have to publish:

  • an annual report on how we have carried out our work, including the arrangements we have that make sure we follow good practice in relation to equality and diversity
  • a statistical report which shows the efficiency and effectiveness of our arrangements to protect members of the public from registrants whose fitness to practise is impaired. The report includes a description of the arrangements and the Council’s comments on the report
  • annual accounts, in a form set by the Privy Council
  • our external auditors’ report on our accounts

This report is published to meet these requirements.

The Privy Council has issued an ‘accounts determination’, setting out what we must include when preparing our annual accounts. The accounts determination is in appendix 1 to our financial statements. Our accounts have been produced in line with this determination.

As a body funded by registrants’ fees and independent of government, we are not covered by the treasury guidance on managing public money. But we want to follow best practice, both in being transparent and in communicating with members of the public, who are our main stakeholders. We have therefore aimed to keep our reporting as clear and straightforward as possible, with the least amount of duplication.

We have provided a governance statement by the chief executive and registrar. This covers the systems we have to support the Council’s strategy and objectives, while safeguarding the organisation’s assets. The statement also includes the chief executive’s review of the effectiveness of our systems of internal control.