MPharm degree

The Masters of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree programme is a full-time course offered by Schools of Pharmacy at a number of universities in the United Kingdom. The programme integrates science and practice and equips students with the theoretical knowledge, professional behaviours and clinical skills required to become a pharmacist. The MPharm is normally a four-year programme which must be completed successfully in order to enter the one year of pre-regsitration training.

Some universities offer a five year integrated MPharm degree programme which incorporates the year of pre-registration training into a single programme of education and training. For details of these universities visit our Accredited MPharm degrees page.

A five-year sandwich degree is also offered by one university which involves undertaking the four years of the MPharm programme and two six-month blocks of pre-registration training in an intercalated programme. Further details can be found on our Accredited MPharm degrees page.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for a GPhC-accredited MPharm degree vary between universities. However, as a guide, you might be expected to have A-B grade A-levels in chemistry and two further A-levels in either biology, mathematics, or physics. If you have A-levels in chemistry and biology, you may also be considered with an alternative third subject.

The entry requirements are set by the individual university offering the MPharm degree. Universities may accept equivalent qualifications, other than A-levels, including qualifications gained outside of the UK. Universities may set other entry requirements for the course.

If you would like to pursue a career as a pharmacist, but do not have the required A-level grades or subjects, you might consider undertaking a GPhC-accredited foundation degree as an alternative route to enter an MPharm degree.

Accredited MPharm degrees

You can find a list of the universities that offer the MPharm degree course together with the latest accreditation reports.

For further information on the accreditation of MPharm degree courses please see Approval process for education and training providers