Overseas pharmacists' assessment programme

The Overseas pharmacists' assessment programme (OSPAP) is a postgraduate diploma that is undertaken as the first part of the route to registration required by those who have qualified as a pharmacist from outside of the EEA.

The OSPAP is a one-year course designed to ensure that those who have qualified overseas receive the appropriate education and training to prepare them for UK practice and entry to pre-registration training.

Entry requirements

The OSPAP course is available to those who hold a pharmacy qualification gained overseas and are registered, or eligible to register, as pharmacists in their country of qualification.

For further information on the route to registration for pharmacists who have qualified overseas, please see Overseas (non-EEA) qualified pharmacists.

Accredited OSPAP courses

You can find a list of universities that offer the OSPAP course together with the latest accreditation reports.

For further information on the accreditation of OSPAP courses please see Approval process for education and training providers.