Being a witness

Witnesses play a vital role in helping us to investigate a concern raised about a pharmacy professional. The information they provide helps our committees to decide what should happen to resolve the concern.

If you’re asked to be involved in a fitness to practise investigation by giving a witness statement, or to give evidence at a hearing, the process may be unfamiliar to you. This page explains what to expect if you’re asked to be a witness.

Your case officer will also be able to tell you more about the process, if you have any questions.

How witnesses are involved

If you’re asked to be a witness, the diagram on this page outlines what is involved at each stage of the process. Most cases are dealt with during the first two stages, or without the need for a hearing.

What to expect when being a witness

Giving a witness statement 

This factsheet gives you more information on providing a witness statement for a fitness to practise investigation.

Attending a hearing to give evidence

Where there is a serious concern about a pharmacy professional, it’s important to present the evidence at a hearing so the fitness to practise committee can decide what to do to protect patients and the public.

If we ask you to give evidence at a hearing, you can find out more about what you need to do in our factsheet.

You can find out more about getting to the hearing and what to bring in our guide on attending a hearing.

If you have any questions ahead of the hearing, your witness liaison officer will be able to tell you more about the process and what we can do to make it easier for you.

After the hearing

Your witness liaison officer will let you know the outcome of the case. It’ll be made available to the public in a ‘determination document’, published on our website here. This outlines the committee’s decision and explains the reasons for it. 

Find out more about what happens after a hearing.

Help us to improve

We want to continue to improve the experience of being a witness. To do this, we’ll ask you about your experience in an online survey. We’d be grateful for any feedback you give us.