Check registration for online health services

All legitimate online healthcare services based in the UK should clearly explain on their websites and apps how they’re regulated to give you confidence you’ll receive safe care.  

You should always make sure that the online pharmacy you’re using is registered with us. This information is usually on the website homepage or in the ‘About us’ section with their registration number. You can also visit our pharmacy register to check the pharmacy is registered with us. 

If you’re speaking to a healthcare professional who is giving you advice and treatment, they should give you details of their professional registration, including their full name and registration number. You should ask them for these details, including the name of the regulator they’re registered with, if they don’t provide them straight away. 

You can visit the regulator’s website to check they’re on their register. You can raise any concern about your care with the regulator.  

Organisations that regulate healthcare professionals in the UK

Here are details of organisations that regulate healthcare professionals in the UK. You can check that a healthcare professional is registered on the regulators’ website and raise a concern if you’re worried about your care. 

Organisations regulating healthcare services, online services and medicines in the UK

two pharmacists holding medicines