Pharmacy premises registration

If you’re intending to supply pharmacy or prescription only medicines, you need to register your premises with us as a pharmacy.

Protecting patients and the public

We set the principles for maintaining the right environment for pharmacy care. If you use the title ‘pharmacy’ in relation to a business and it’s not registered with us, we’ll consider what risks there may be to public safety. We’ll investigate and if there’s a risk patients or members of the public could be misled, we may take action.

Registering a new pharmacy premises

Select the type of pharmacy you are looking to register to find out more and apply.

New pharmacy premises

Temporary pharmacy premises

Providing pharmacy services online

If you have any questions about your responsibilities as a pharmacy owner and employer, see our pharmacy owners and employers FAQ.

Using the title 'pharmacy'

‘Pharmacy’ is a protected title in legislation. It’s an offence for a retail business to use the term ‘pharmacy’ if not registered with us. 

Registering a new pharmacy

To apply to register a new pharmacy premises, you’ll need to complete our application form. Before submitting your application, read the guidance that comes with it to make sure you provide all the information we need in the correct format.

If you’re applying on behalf of a corporate body, such as a limited company or NHS Trust that doesn’t currently own registered pharmacy premises, you must also nominate a superintendent pharmacist. This is someone responsible for the management and administration of medicines in a pharmacy. Please complete the nomination of a superintendent form and include it with your application. 

As part of your application, you’ll need to carry out an assessment to show how you’ll meet the standards for registered pharmacies from the first day your pharmacy is open.

You can submit your application via post or email as detailed in the application form. 

Registering a temporary pharmacy

To apply to register a temporary pharmacy, such as for an exhibition or event, please complete our temporary premises application form.

You can return the completed form and supporting documents to us by post or email as detailed in the application form. 

Providing pharmacy services online 

If you plan to operate a pharmacy service over the internet, you’ll need to show us how you propose to meet our guidance for registered pharmacies providing pharmacy services at a distance online.

We operate a voluntary internet pharmacy logo scheme to provide reassurance to patients and public, and you can apply to join the scheme if you meet the terms of use.