Language requirements

To register as a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, you need to have the necessary knowledge of English to practice safely and effectively. 

There is a legal requirement for anyone registering as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician to show you have a minimum knowledge of English. You’ll need to provide evidence to show that you meet these requirements.

This applies to pharmacy professionals registering with us, wherever they have trained or practised.

Applicants can use a recent pass of the Pharmacy Occupational English Language Test as evidence of English language competence. We’ll also accept a recent pass of the International English Language Testing System if you have opted to take this test instead.

Please be aware that our requirements for English language skills don’t replace the important role that employers will continue to play in checking you’re competent to carry out the role you’re doing.

The guidance on providing evidence of English language skills sets out the evidence, information or documents you must provide to show you have the necessary knowledge of English to practice safely in Great Britain.