Your myGPhC account - troubleshooting tips

Please try these troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing any problems signing up, logging in, or using myGPhC.

To resolve some of the most common issues, have a look at our guide on how to use private browsing on different browsers first. If you are using Safari, changing to private browsing 'incognito mode' should resolve the majority of issues.

Tips on problems with logging in

  1. Using Safari version 13 or higher? Please either use an alternative browser or change your browser settings. Go to ‘Settings’ on your device, and select ‘Safari’. Under the ‘Privacy & Security’ heading, uncheck ‘Prevent Cross Site Tracking’.
  2. Using Chrome version 86 or higher? Please either use an alternative browser or change your browser settings. Go to ‘Settings’ on your device, select ‘Chrome’, and then select the option ‘Allow Cross-Website Tracking’.
  3. Clear the previous information stored in your browser by deleting your browsing history and refreshing your cache. You should delete ‘Cache and Cookies’ under the internet options, then close the browser down and open a new internet browser to try again
  4. If you want to keep your browsing history, you can use a function like ‘Private Browsing’ in Firefox or ‘Incognito’ mode in Chrome, which do not use information from previous browsing sessions. See our guide on how to use private browsing on different browsers
  5. Check that your browser is the most up to date version, or try using a different browser. We would recommend using google chrome.
  6. Try using a different device - a PC or laptop would be best. If you experience problems using a work computer, try at home on your personal device.

Forgotten your password?

  1. If you have forgotten your password, there is a ‘forgot your password’ option available to reset your password.
  2. When you click on ‘forgot your password’, you will be prompted to enter your registered email address and send a verification code to your inbox. Once the verification code has been sent to your inbox, you can copy and paste the code into the required field and verify the code. Following this, you can enter a new password.’
  3. If you have clicked the link more than once you must& use the latest email you have received with the verification code to put into the required field.

Logging back into your account

  1. Having difficulties when logging in on a work computer? This may be due to a firewall. Please try logging in on a device at home or ask your employer to add myGPhC to its safe list of websites.
  2. Experiencing difficulties when using an iPad or other mobile device? Make sure you are not trying to use an old or previously stored link to myGPhC. The easiest way to reach myGPhC's login page is to navigate to our main website and find a link to myGPhC at the top of the screen.

Using the site

  1. Having trouble using the site? Make sure your internet browser and operating system are up to date by checking your device settings. We have tested the myGPhC system to make sure it works on all the browsers recommended on If you have not updated your operating system or browser recently, you may not be able to use all the myGPhC functions.

Signing in for the first time

  1. Experiencing an error message when trying to log onto myGPhC for the first time? This may be due to your browser caching. You can find instructions on how to clear your browser cache by searching online. You can also use ‘Private Browsing’ in Firefox or ‘Incognito’ mode in Chrome to avoid issues with caching.
  2. Using a BT internet email address? This may prevent you receiving the email with your validation code. Please add to the 'Safe senders' within the mailbox settings. Wait for 24 hours and then try to sign up to myGPhC again using your BT email address. Alternatively, use another email account which is not provided by BT.
  3. Do you have an apostrophe in your email address? Currently this will prevent your email address being recognised. Please try using another email account which does not include an apostrophe.

Not sure how to complete the sign up process? Read our Signing up to myGPhC guide