Frequently asked questions on internet pharmacy

Who can use the GPhC voluntary internet pharmacy logo?

Only registered pharmacies who are regulated by the GPhC and meet our standards can use the GPhC voluntary internet pharmacy logo.

What does the GPhC voluntary internet pharmacy logo look like?

The logo will carry the unique registration number for the registered pharmacy associated with the website on which the logo is displayed.

By clicking on the logo you will be taken to the GPhC register entry for that pharmacy and will be able to confirm that the pharmacy premises are registered.

How can I check that the website I want to use to obtain medicines is a legitimate online pharmacy?

We would advise anyone obtaining medicines from an online pharmacy to check if the website is legitimately registered by looking for the GPhC voluntary logo and the mandatory EU common logo.  We would then recommend that you click on each logo which should take you through to that particular pharmacy’s entry on the GPhC register and the MHRA register.

Should I make any other checks?

For further assurance that medicines will be supplied by a pharmacy registered with the GPhC we recommend that you:

  • Locate the name and address of the pharmacy operating the website
  • Check the pharmacist and pharmacy are registered by searching our on-line register for pharmacists and pharmacies
  • Avoid websites which offer to supply prescription-only medicines without a prescription
  • Be aware that registered pharmacies are required to check that a medicine is suitable for a patient before selling it; if you are not asked to provide information about your health before a purchase, you should consider buying your medicine elsewhere

Read our Guidance for registered pharmacies providing pharmacy services at a distance, including on the internet here.