Resigning as a superintendent pharmacist

You must let the GPhC know if you stop being the superintendent pharmacist for an owner organisation which is an NHS Trust, body corporate, or limited liability partnership.

It is your responsibility to notify the GPhC of this. You can notify us before the date you stop working as the superintendent, but it is a legal requirement for you to notify us no later than 28 days after stopping

Download and complete the resignation of superintendent form - (on click the document will attempt to download automatically). You must provide evidence of the date on which you stop being the superintendent pharmacist, such as a copy of the resignation confirmation letter from your employer, with this form. There is no charge for notifying us of your resignation.

Please email a single scanned PDF copy of your completed form and evidence to us at

If you are not able to send your form by email, you can post to us at the address on the form, but please be aware that it will take longer to process as we currently have limited access to our post. 

If the employing organisation you are leaving has an NHS contract, please be aware that it is their responsibility to notify their local NHS team that you will no longer be the superintendent pharmacist for that organisation.