UK-recognised pharmacist qualifications

England, Scotland or Wales-qualified pharmacists

You can apply to register as a pharmacist with the GPhC through this route if you have:

  • a UK accredited four-year MPharm degree
  • successfully completed 52 weeks of pre-registration training in England, Scotland or Wales
  • passed the GPhC's registration assessment

If you are a pre-registration trainee and are planning to sit the registration assessment in June 2018, you will be able apply to join the register using our new system after the assessment. We will contact you to let you know when applications open.

If you have already passed the registration assessment and want to register before July, contact us.

Northern Ireland qualified pharmacists

If you hold a UK-accredited four-year MPharm degree, have successfully completed 52 weeks of pre-registration training in Northern Ireland and have passed the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland's registration examination, use our NI Information and Application pack.

Northern Ireland information pack

Evidence of English language skills

Under the law, all registrants and applicants to have the necessary knowledge of English for safe and effective practice as a condition of their registration with us.

If you are applying to join the register and have  completed the appropriate UK qualifications, in most  cases you will automatically satisfy the registrar that you meet the English language requirements. Make sure you read the guidance notes with your application form and our guidance on evidence of English language skills for more information.