Voluntary removal of pharmacy premises

You will need to complete a Voluntary removal form if you wish to remove your premises from the register.

Why do I need to actively cancel my registration — can I not just let it lapse?

If you want to remove your pharmacy premises from the register, there are a number of reasons why it is better to do so actively than just letting the entry lapse at the end of the period of validity.

Completing an application for voluntary removal:

  • ensures that the online register describes your premises status accurately. Once you have cancelled your registration, your premises name will no longer appear on the register.
  • is normally faster than simply not renewing your registration and allowing it to lapse.
  • allows you to indicate the date on which you wish your premises to be removed. If you would like to restore your premises to the register within 12 months of the date of removal, your details can be restored by payment of an application fee and restoration fee which in total comes to the same amount as the renewal fee. If you have been removed for other reasons (for example, because you did not pay your annual renewal fee) and you then apply to be restored within 12 months of the date of removal, you will have to pay an application fee and a higher restoration fee.

Voluntary removal of pharmacy premises

Completed forms can be returned to us by post, or you can email a single scanned PDF copy of your completed form via email to premises@pharmacyregulation.org.

Please be advised that if you send your application via post, we recommend that you send your application by registered post and track delivery to ensure it has been delivered.