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Focus on reflection

19 July 2018

We believe that encouraging pharmacy professionals to reflect regularly on their learning and practice will help to drive improvement in pharmacy practice. Revalidation for pharmacy professionals is the tool we use to encourage all pharmacy professionals to reflect regularly and to focus on the outcomes achieved for people using pharmacy services.

You’ve been getting used to the requirements set out in the revalidation framework and the resources on our website  for a few months now, but in this edition of Regulate we are launching new examples of good revalidation records, covering planed and unplanned CPD, reflective accounts, and peer discussions to support you in reflecting well. 

These examples are based on records submitted to us in 2016 for our pilot study so they come from real pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We explain in the example records how they have met the criteria we will use to conduct reviews. We have produced a range of examples relating to pharmacy professionals working in different roles so you should be able to find ones relevant to you and your practice. Over time we will produce more examples for you to see based on records submitted to us so that we can keep supporting your reflection. If you have not seen it already, please also take a look at our recent webinar where we present some of the examples and explain in a bit more detail why they meet our review criteria. 

More than 50,000 of you have now signed in to your new myGPhC account where you can record your own revalidation records. If you have not signed up yet, head to our website and use the information there to help you sign up for the first time.

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