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Ordering specials from manufacturers

14 April 2016

We have recently been contacted by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regarding ordering of specials from manufacturers of unlicensed medicines. 

MHRA has had reports from manufacturers that in their experience, some pharmacists are placing orders verbally by telephone and not confirming them in writing.  This increases the risk of a transcription error and the wrong material being supplied to the pharmacy and then potentially to the patient.

To avoid these errors, MHRA requires manufacturers licensed to make specials to get confirmation of orders in writing, for example by email, fax or via an on line ordering system provided by the manufacturer.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Professional Guidance for the Procurement and Supply of Specials, also recommends that where necessary, the agreed formulation should be confirmed to the manufacturer in writing.

Find out more and read the guidance.

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