Revalidation: all you need to know

31 May 2022

The next time you renew on or after 1 October 2022, you’ll need to complete a full revalidation submission: four CPD records, a peer discussion and a reflective account. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll need to do and resources to help you.

Recording planned and unplanned CPD

If you need to write up the CPD activities you have completed, there are templates you can use to help you write up both planned and unplanned CPD. Remember, at least two of your four CPD entries must be planned learning activities.

See the templates

Carrying out a peer discussion

If it’s been some time since you last carried out a structured peer discussion, take a look at the guidance on the GPhC website. This covers selecting a peer, how to prepare for the discussion, and there’s guidance for your peer too.

There are examples of written-up peer discussions from different sectors of practice in the examples section on the resources page.

Standards for your reflective account

If your registration renewal deadline is on or before 30 September 2022 (and your registration expires on or before 1 December 2022) you should reflect on one or more of the following standards:

  • standard 3: Pharmacy professionals must communicate effectively
  • standard 6: Pharmacy professionals must behave professionally
  • standard 9: Pharmacy professionals must demonstrate leadership

If your registration renewal deadline is after 1 October 2022, (and your registration expiry is after 1 December 2022), you should reflect on one or more of the following standards:

  • Standard 1: Pharmacy professionals must provide person-centred care
  • Standard 2: Pharmacy professionals must work in partnership with others
  • Standard 5: Pharmacy professionals must use their professional judgement

This is so that you have the chance to reflect on different areas of the standards, but it does mean that you may be reflecting on different standards from your colleagues.

Standards one, two and five will remain in place for revalidation submissions due between 1 October 2022 and 31 December 2024. From then on, the selection of standards you should use for your reflective account will be reviewed and updated every two years.

What to do if you won’t be able to submit the required revalidation

Tell us that you can’t meet your revalidation requirement by using the ‘tell us you can’t submit' button on myGPhC.

You'll need to give a brief explanation of the reasons why you aren’t able to submit all of your records by your renewal due date, and provide evidence to support your reasons.

You can request an extension to the deadline, or to submit fewer records by the existing deadline.

You will need to explain your situation and how this has affected your ability to carry out and record CPD. If you have been or are likely to be absent from work, include this too – it will help us understand the reasons for the changes you request.

Find out more about requesting an extension or reduction

Other sources of support

There’s lots of organisations who can help you with your CPD and revalidation. We’ve listed some of these on the support page. 

Find other sources of support

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