Pharmacist education accreditation

Accreditation makes sure that courses and training are high-quality. This means that pharmacy students and trainees can be confident that their education will give them the skills and knowledge they’ll need in the workplace.

We accredit courses against the relevant set of education standards.

We’ve developed guidance, information and templates for current and potential pharmacist course providers.

These resources outline the standards we expect for the education and training of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support staff, and the submission templates you’ll need.

Click on each of the qualifications below to access the relevant information and templates.

Education standards

Standards for the initial education and training of pharmacists, January 2021

Guidance to support 2021 IETP Standards

Adapted methodology for re-accreditation of MPharm degrees to 2021 standards

Guidance on MPharm degrees with preparatory year

Accreditation methodology for MPharm degrees, September 2013

Submission templates

MPharm IETP 4yr re-accreditation part 1 submission template, 2023/24 

Please note:

Only a single template needs to be completed for re-accreditation, regardless of the number of MPharm variants you deliver.

For example, if you offer both an accredited 5-year integrated degree and a 4-year degree (or other variant such as the 2+2 model), complete only the 4-year and 5-year submission templates.

If you offer an MPharm with preparatory year and a 4-year MPharm (or other variant such as the 2+2 model), complete the MPharm submission template.

Please ensure that the separate provisions are correctly identified within the submission document with headings, and associated appendices are identified by programme type. Please contact us  if you have any questions about which submission template needs to be completed.

Accreditation step events for 5-year MPharm degrees will continue under the IETP 2011 standards  unless separate arrangements have been agreed with us.