Get your flu jab – protect yourself, your patients and your family

Anyone can be susceptible to influenza infection, even if they are in good health. This is why we are supporting the campaign to encourage healthcare professionals to get vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

December 2019

With pharmacy professionals providing key healthcare services and often working within public facing roles, we ask you to strongly consider getting yourself vaccinated, and to encourage your staff to get vaccinated as well.

Influenza immunisation remains the most effective method to help protect against influenza infection. By being immunised, pharmacy professionals and their teams in patients facing roles can not only help protect themselves from flu during the busy winter months, but also reduce the risk of transmission to vulnerable patients. 

Flu virus strains change, so it’s important to have a flu jab every year ahead of the flu season.

For this coming winter Public Heath England has developed new resources to encourage health care worker vaccination. These campaign materials are accessible and free for all organisations to use.

There are also free materials available for the Public Health Wales Beat Flu campaign and from NHS Education for Scotland.

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