GPhC registers data

Our registers

We maintain comprehensive, fully-up-to-date registers of all pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies that provide care to patients and public in Great Britain.

Our registers at the 30 April 2024:

•    Pharmacists – 64,411
•    Pharmacy technicians – 26,193
•    Pharmacies – 13,279

2024 Register data reports

Data on the size of our registers for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies will be updated and published on a regular basis. This includes trends on registrant numbers (including a breakdown by England, Scotland and Wales) and details on annotations. We will be publishing future reports to update this information, along with further analysis and trends.

Register trend data - April 2024

Register data - April 2024

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Reports from 2023

Register trend data - December 2023

Register data - December 2023

Please note that the reports will automatically download, as you click on each of the links above.

Diversity data

Our Vision 2030 to deliver safe and effective pharmacy care at the heart of healthier communities cannot be achieved without a commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Through “Delivering equality, improving diversity and fostering inclusion: Our strategy for change 2021-2026” we set out how we will do this. Our strategy describes our obligation and opportunity to use all our regulatory levers and influence to support, encourage and – where necessary – to drive positive change in pharmacy.

An important commitment in our strategy is to improve the way we collect, use and share diversity data. This will allow us to monitor the impact of our work more effectively, to better understand the potential impacts on different groups and to help us meet the public sector equality duty. Encouraging a diverse profession links closely to our strategy and it's a responsibility we share with everyone working in the profession.

We recognise and celebrate the diversity of the pharmacy professions on our register.

Diversity in healthcare, including in the pharmacy professions, supports improved access to services and a reduction in health inequalities. It supports high standards, enabling talented people to enter and progress in their careers and ensuring a highly skilled and proficient workforce. And it encourages the future workforce, enabling potential pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to see themselves in the professions.

Understanding the diversity of the pharmacy professions also helps us in our strategic goal to have a diverse workforce at the GPhC, reflecting both the public we serve and the professions we regulate.

By routinely sharing diversity data, we also want to enable a better understanding of the composition of our registers and support transparency, visibility and intelligence sharing, and facilitate research and analysis by others.

We will make sure that no-one can be identified from any data that we publish or share with others. For further information on how we use diversity data, please see our privacy policy.

Diversity data analysis: professionals involved in the managing concerns process