10 April 2014

Papers for this meeting (public session)
GPhC Council papers Apr 2014 [PDF 1.13MB ]

Decisions summary and minutes
The main decisions made in public at this GPhC Council meeting are summarised below. Formal minutes for this meeting, agreed by members at the Council’s June 2014 meeting, can be seen here:
GPhC Council Minutes 10 April 2014 [PDF 171KB]



Public business

1. Attendance and introductory remarks

2. Declarations of interest

3. Minutes of last meeting, 6 February 2014 (public session)

4. Matters arising

5. Corporate Plan: monitoring and reporting

6. Performance monitoring

7. Chief Executive & Registrar’s report

8. Developing new standards for initial education & training
Decision: The Council agreed that a consultation on new learning outcomes for the initial education and training of pharmacists (IET) should be carried out, and to the development of a programme of standards for the IET of pharmacists and a plan for revising the current accreditation methodology.

9. Unconfirmed minutes of Remuneration Committee, 27 February 2014

10. Council performance review

11. Council member appointment process review
Decision: The Council agreed to the proposals set out in the paper, including the terms of reference for the Council appointments working group.

12. Appointments Committee annual report to Council

13. Rebalancing planning

14. Any other public business


Confidential business

15. Minutes of last meeting, 6 February 2014 (confidential session)

16. Matters arising

17. Accommodation update

18. Non-statutory committee appointments

19. Appointment of internal auditors

20. Any other confidential business