Accredited pharmacist foundation training year programmes

Our Standards for the initial education and training of pharmacists (January 2021) sets out the roles of the statutory education bodies (SEBs) in Great Britain (HEIW, HEE and NES) in designing, managing and monitoring the Foundation Training Year programmes (FTY) to meet our standards. In line with our regulatory function, we will then aprove the FTY using a 'step' process of accreditation.

We have set a deadline of the academic year 2025/26 for the SEBs to complete the accreditation process for their FTY programme. At this point they must meet the new standards in full and graduates of these programmes will be permitted to annotate as prescribers on registration. We have provided flexibility in the process for organisations who wish to implement the standards in full before 2025/26.

For more information on the GPhC accreditation process, please see the initial approval of pharmacist foundation training programmes delivered independently of an MPharm degree, June 2022

Please note, this does not affect Foundation Training Year programmes delivered as part of an integrated MPharm degree. A list of accredited integrated MPharm programmes can be found here

Current status

We are currently preparing to start the accreditation process; please see this page for further updates.