Assuring the registration assessment

To make sure that each registration assessment is consistent, the question papers are set and moderated by an appointed body, the Board of Assessors. All decisions about questions, papers, candidates and pass marks are made by the board.

See the marking algorithm for the 2022 sittings [PDF 222.94 KB] 

See the process for marking papers and issuing results [PDF 242.09 KB]

Read our response to an FOI request about marking the March 2021 assessment  [PDF 205 KB]


The Board of Assessors is made up of:

  • a pharmacist chair
  • other pharmacist members (a mixture of academic pharmacists and pharmacists in practice)
  • members who are not pharmacists, but assessment experts

Members of the board

Professor Andrew Husband, Newcastle University, pharmacist (chair)

Dr James Desborough, University of East Anglia, pharmacist

Mr Steve Howard, pharmacist

Professor Chris Langley, Aston University, pharmacist

Dr Mat Smith, Cardiff University, pharmacist

Professor Alison Strath,Scottish government, pharmacist

Mr Ahmed Aboo, De Montfort University, pharmacist

Ms Kathryn Davison, University of Sunderland, pharmacist

Ms Laura Doyle, Cardiff University, pharmacist

Ms Sonia Chand, Hospital pharmacist

Ms Johanne Barry, Queens's University, pharmacist 

Dr Heather Bell, Northern Ireland Centre for Pharmacy Learning and Development, pharmacist 

The Board of Assessors will not enter into discussion or correspondence with individual candidates around assessment matters. If you would like to discuss the assessment, queries should be directed to or by calling our contact centre on 0203 713 8000.