Requesting a reasonable adjustment for the registration assessment

A reasonable adjustment is an arrangement to help make sure an individual candidate is not unfairly disadvantaged in the registration assessment because of health issues, disabilities, specific learning needs or other specific needs.

The adjustment can be made to the process of assessing a candidate’s knowledge and skills to a specific standard, but not the standard itself. 

This means that a candidate may be granted some changes to the way the assessment questions are displayed for example, but all candidates will need to complete the same assessment paper and answer the same number of questions correctly to pass.

If you are planning to sit the registration assessment and have a specific need which you feel could disadvantage you when sitting, you can request a reasonable adjustment. Read the sections below to find out:

  • how and when to apply
  • what information you will need to provide
  • how we will assess your request
  • the possible outcomes of your request

To apply for a reasonable adjustment in the registration assessment, you must:

  • complete an application form to explain both your condition, and also your specific adjustment request
  • provide information from a qualified healthcare or educational professional to confirm your diagnosis, and that the adjustment you have requested is appropriate to mitigate your condition
  • submit your form and supporting information by the deadline given for the sitting on the key dates page

The application form you will need to complete and the evidence you need to provide will depend on the type of condition:

  • complete application A if you have a specific learning need, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia. You will need to include a report of a diagnostic assessment as part of your application.
  • complete application B if you have any other type of condition or need. You will need to ask a healthcare professional to complete part of the form too.

Important: if you have more than one condition or need, you should provide evidence for each condition, and complete separate forms if the type of each need is is covered by a different form. You should submit these together if possible, so we can assess all the information you provide as a whole.

We recommend that you start your application in good time before the sitting to help make sure that you can get the information you need to support your application from a healthcare professional.

Please read all the information below to make sure you submit all the information we need to assess your request accurately.

I've read the information and I'm ready to apply...

Download application A if you have a specific learning need

Download application B for other conditions or needs

If you need any help to complete the application, please come back to this page for reference. If your question isn’t answered here, you can contact us at