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Applying to sit the registration assessment

Apply to sit the registration assessment in 2019 using the registration assessment application form.

Make sure you read the guidance notes carefully. If you have any questions, our customer contact centre may be able to help.

You must submit the following documents with your application form, depending on whether this is your first, second or third sitting - and you must indicate which sitting this is on your form. This is to verify that you are eligible to sit the assessment. 

First sitting: completed original 39-week progress report which is marked as satisfactory

Second sitting: if there has been more than 18 months between sittings, you must provide your completed six-month supervised employment declaration

Third sitting: your completed six-month supervised employment declaration form.

Submitting your form

If you want to sit the registration assessment in 2019, you must submit your application by the dates listed for the sitting.

Post your application to us at the address below using a traceable service such as recorded delivery. We don’t accept hand delivered documents.

Pre-Registration Assessment
Customer Services Team
General Pharmaceutical Council
25 Canada Square
E14 5LQ

We must receive your application by 5pm on the specified closing date. We will not accept any applications after this.

You will need to provide card payment details as part of the form. We will use these to process your payment, and destroy them once we have done this.

Assessment day – proof of identity

We will need to verify your identity when you present yourself to sit the assessment. Please bring one of the following documents with you on the assessment day:

  • a valid passport
  • a valid UK or European driving licence photo card, either full or provisional.

These are the only forms of identification we will accept on the day. Please make sure that your identity document is valid on the day of the assessment. If you do not have either of these please contact our exam team at regexam@pharmacyregulation.org.

If your name on your application, or with which you want to register, is different from the one on your identity document, you must let us know by completing a change of details form.

Requesting a reasonable adjustment for the registration assessment

If you have a specific need which you feel could disadvantage you when sitting the registration assessment, you can request a ‘reasonable adjustment’ to the assessment conditions. The issue can be a temporary or permanent one.

Find out more about reasonable adjustments in the pre-registration manual and make sure you check the key dates timeline for the deadline to apply.

Guidance for candidates sitting the assessment

Candidates should read the guidance for candidates sitting the assessment information carefully, as it provides important instructions and information on what to expect before, during and after the assessment. It also includes "fit to sit" guidance and advice in the event of withdrawing from the assessment and illness during the assessment..

Making a decision to sit the registration assessment

You should only sit the assessment if you are fit to do so. See section 5.6 of the pre-registration manual for more information about being fit to sit.

If you are not fit to sit: withdrawal

If you think you might underperform for any reason, you should withdraw and wait for another sitting. You need to tell us that you want to withdraw from the sitting by five working days after the sitting has taken place at the latest. You must confirm to us that you want to withdraw from a sitting using the notification of withdrawal form. If you do not, it will count as one of your assessment attempts and you will forfeit your sitting fee.

Find out more about withdrawing in section five of the pre registration manual


If you start the assessment and then have problems during the sitting which significantly affect your performance, you can request that your attempt is ‘nullified’ under the registration assessment regulations.

You need to request that your attempt is nullified using the nullification request form. We must receive this five working days after the sitting has taken place, at the latest.

Find out more about nullification in section five of the pre-registration manual

Guidance for unsuccessful candidates in the registration assessment

If you are unsuccessful in the assessment, please carefully read our guidance for unsuccessful candidates in the registration assessment, which includes information about how we mark the assessment, appealing against your unsuccessful result, and preparing for future sittings if you are eligible for another attempt.

Appealing your fail result

Should you have grounds for appealing your fail result, you must complete the application to appeal, and submit supporting evidence to explain how your circumstances have met the grounds for appeal. You must submit this by email within 21 days of the date your result was published for this to be considered.