Surveys highlight differences in perceptions of training experience between pre-registration trainees and tutors

The GPhC has published the findings from its first survey of pre-registration tutors, alongside the findings from the second year of its survey of pre-registration trainee pharmacists

There were significant differences between how trainees and tutors rated the quality of training provided; with tutors giving themselves higher ratings in all areas.

Key findings from the surveys include:

  • 78% of trainees rated their training as good or very good but 11% of trainees rated their training as poor or very poor; a finding consistent with the previous year’s survey
  • In comparison 93% of tutors said they thought their trainee would rate their training experience as good and very good, with only 1% saying that their trainee would rate the experience as poor or very poor
  • Trainees who trained in the hospital sector, in a large organisation, or in Scotland or Wales, were more likely to rate the overall quality of their training experience as good or very good.

These surveys are part of a three-year project which will inform how the GPhC develops its approach to the future education and training of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Commenting on the publication of the findings from the surveys, Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the GPhC, said:

“Undertaking these surveys is part of our commitment to gather and analyse evidence and share it with others to inform debates, promote standards and identify areas for improvement within pharmacy. We hope that these results will inform ongoing discussions about pre-registration training and ensure that options for reforming training are based on the best available evidence.

“We have a part to play in improving pre-registration training, alongside education and training providers, employers, governments, national health education training organisations and pharmacy professional leadership bodies. The actions we can all take now and in the future will be a key issue for discussion at the education conference we are holding in November.

“We also plan to further investigate specific issues raised by the surveys, including the experiences of the small but significant number of trainees who are unhappy with their training”.

Further information about the survey and its findings are available here