Becoming an independent prescriber

To become an independent prescriber, you must successfully complete an independent prescriber training programme that we have accredited. We’ll then add your prescriber status to our register through an annotation.

Once we’ve received confirmation from your course provider that you’ve been awarded a GPhC accredited independent prescriber qualification, an application to add your annotation to your register entry will become available on your MyGPhC account under the ‘Application’ tab.

If the ‘Application’ option isn’t available to you and it has been more than one month since you were awarded your qualification, please check with your university that they’ve provided us with their pass list.

If your university has not sent the pass list, you’ll need to wait until they have confirmed they’ve sent it. Please then check your myGPhC account.

If they’ve sent the pass list, please email us at so we can look into this for you. We’ll need:

  • your registration number
  • the date you were awarded your prescriber qualification
  • the name of the university which awarded the qualification

If it has been more than six months since you were awarded the independent prescribing qualification, you’ll need to provide details of another prescriber who will act as your mentor and who you can refer to in cases of doubt or for professional reassurance. You can find more information in the application form.



You must wait for the annotation to be added to your register entry before practising in this role.

Search our registers to check if the annotation has been added.