UK qualified pharmacy technician registration

Find out how to register with us as a pharmacy technician who qualified in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 

You can apply to register as a pharmacy technician with us if you’ve successfully completed:

  • either one of the recognised competency-based qualifications and one of the recognised knowledge-based qualifications, or a combined qualification
  • a minimum of two years’ work-based experience in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands

Please note, even if you complete the minimum of 1,260 working hours before your two-year period is up, you won’t be able to register earlier.

Applying to register

What counts as ‘relevant work experience’? 

When working you must be under the supervision, direction or guidance of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. You need to be directly accountable to them for at least 14 hours per week.

You can include work experience completed during your pharmacy technician courses, and up to three months before the start of your pharmacy technician course, if you were:

  • working and carrying out the role of a trainee pharmacy technician in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Channel Islands 
  • under the supervision, direction or guidance of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician and you were directly accountable

This is because you must register for, or start, one of the qualifications required to become a pharmacy technician within three months of starting to work as a trainee pharmacy technician.

Find out more about qualifying work experience by reading the criteria for registration as a pharmacy technician.  

Meeting time limits 

If you’ve not managed to complete your work experience within the two-year time limit with good reason, such as maternity or paternity leave or extended sickness leave, please contact us. You may be eligible for an extension. 

You can find out more information on extension in our criteria for registration as a pharmacy technician. 

Something to declare

If you have any issues with your application which may affect your fitness to practice, you must tell us more by filling in our declaration form

If you have a health issue that may affect your fitness to practise, submit a something to declare health form. You may need to provide documents from your doctor or another health professional.