Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technicians allowed to apply early for registration

The GPhC has adjusted its application process for Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technicians (PTPTs) by allowing them to apply for GPhC registration 4 weeks before the end of their training, enabling their application to be processed sooner.

The GPhC will now accept applications from PTPTs at any point after completion of their 100thweek of work-based practice provided their application is accompanied by:

  • the qualification certificates; and
  • confirmation from the applicant (and the counter-signatory) that they will notify the GPhC immediately if, between the date the application is submitted and the date of registration, an issue emerges which would otherwise have been declared on the application for registration (such as a criminal conviction).

Hilary Lloyd, Director of Regulatory services said “We’re committed to acting on feedback from stakeholders and taking action where appropriate. We understand that 1 September is an important date for many employers and, whilst this change does not guarantee applicants will be registered by that date it does mean those who successfully complete their qualifications and 2 year period of work-based experience on 31 August, for example, have a 4 week head start in getting their applications to us. It is important to remember though that irrespective of when we receive an application, no PTPT applicant will be entered onto the register before their period of training is actually complete.”

This change brings the registration process is line with the GPhC’s process for pre-registration trainee pharmacists applying for registration, and also takes into account that - unlike those who apply for registration as a pharmacy technician under the transitional arrangements - PTPTs cannot work while their application is processed.

Applications from Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technicians will be prioritised as they cannot work until they have a registration number. The GPhC aims to turn around these applications within 4 weeks, although we cannot guarantee that – and the wait will be longer if applications are not completed correctly.

Those who apply before 30 June under the so-called “grandparenting” transitional arrangements are in a very different situation. Because of the high volume of applications being made towards the very end of the two year transitional period, these applicants can expect their application to take at least 8 weeks to process. And by law, they can continue practising as a pharmacy technician while their application is processed.